• We love you, and we love your feet
  • We come from the future (but we took a detour through the ’90s)
  • We make shoes to make you happy. Whoever you are
  • We invented a sneaker-shoe hybrid with a high-tech bubble air sole
  • It took two years to engineer and perfect this bubble air technology
  • It's the comfiest shoe you've ever experienced — like slippers on a platform, walking on floaty boats, or dancing on the moon
  • They come with two different insoles so you can adjust the fit
  • We work with the most technical sneaker factory in the world. It’s in China
  • We’re proud of that. They are too
  • We love animals. We don’t kill them for shoes
  • Our founders worked for decades in luxury fashion and Silicon Valley
  • We don’t care about fashion. We don’t care about Silicon Valley. We care about you
  • Let’s be friends. Tell us what you think and what you like. We’ll listen to you
  • SHOES upside down spells 53045