We love you, we love your feet, and we love our planet!

We want to be totally transparent — just like our bubble air soles. So we’ll be the first to say that when it comes to sustainability, we’re far from perfect. As a young, independent brand with a small team — and as a brand making highly technical styles — it’s not easy to source renewable and recycled materials. But in the spirit of Earth Day, we wanted to share the ways we’re trying to do better for the planet

Making things and shipping them around the world uses energy and creates carbon emissions — and we want to do something about that. Our fans know that for each pair sold, we have one tree planted — more than 26,000 since the program started.

We also want you to know that we are working constantly to source the most sustainable materials possible for our shoes, while still keeping our quality and technology top-notch. This is a process.

We admire the bigger casual shoe brands making major changes in this industry. What we’re doing is totally different, but their efforts to clean up the supply chain have made it possible for us to make better choices.

All canvas used in Sneak’Air is certified by the Better Cotton Initiative — an organization that monitors the cotton supply chain to ensure standards in soil and water management as well as ethical treatment of workers. Our last pastel Sneak’Air drop uses 100% recycled cotton certified by Global Recycle Standard!

Our bubble air soles are highly technical, so it’s been tricky to find alternatives that work for the technology, but so far, Sneak’Air Black has recycled rubber content in the soles. We’re doing our best to get this for more styles while keeping our quality standards, and we’ll keep you posted as we do!

We’re constantly sourcing more organic and recycled materials for the components that make up our shoes, like recycled mesh, recycled polyester, recycled PET, recycled polyurethane, plus a cleaner, corn-based alternative to our synthetic vegan leather.

Finally, Sock’Air is a zero-waste style — because the shoes are knit rather than sewn together, there’s no material left over from cutting pieces. We are working on finding a recycled alternative for this yarn.

All defective shoes are donated to charity organizations.

We look at sustainability in our business model, too. For example, we keep our fulfillment center close to our factory to minimize resources used in transportation.

And most of all, we craft our shoes with the finest quality to last for many years — much longer than the average fashion sneaker. We want to make future classics! (Even our holographic boxes are designed to be kept!)

It takes time, but we’re trying our best — and we encourage you to do your part for the planet too, however you can.